We take pride in the quality guarantees of our products, and strive for 100% customer satisfaction, measured by successful initial usage and sustained product performance. Installation and training services typically accompany product delivery (due to the highly innovative nature of our products, most customers need assistance in learning how to operate them). We will provide a variety of products, ranging from the complete rig system – the AutoPatch 1500, intended for new labs entering electrophysiology, or the Bolt-On DIY, for labs with amplifiers and digitizers and the desire and ability to integrate our components so that they can start automated whole cell patch clamping. We additionally can provide virtual or in-person consulting to improve patch clamping efficiency and throughput.

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Full SystemFully Automated Electrophysiology Rig

Packaged solution includes current and voltage amplifiers, motorized manipulators, stereo-microscope, signal digitizer, work table, faraday cage, pipette holders and puller, computer workstation with pre-installed AutoPatch 1500 v4.1 single neuron identification software and pClamp v10.0, and linear actuator with controller kit, linear stage, and optical post. System turnover occurs only once automated technology has been demonstrated through a guaranteed automated whole-cell patch clamp.

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Products_element96Automated Whole-Cell Patch Clamp In Vivo (AutoPatch 1500) Control Box:
Convert your manual electrophysiology rig to an autopatcher

Solution includes control box that features electronic control and data acquisition boards, pneumatic regulators, latest AutoPatch 1500 v4.1 single neuron identification software and pClamp v10.0. Other linear stage and actuators (Newport, Sutter, Scientifica, etc.) purchased separately.

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Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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